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Welcome to the Luzerne Zen Range

Since introducing the Luzerne brand to the local market back in 2013 our product team have been hungry for more, and with the Luzerne Zen Range - they have definitely delivered. 

Luzerne is a trend setting, inventive brand, at the heart of their craftsmanship is the revolutionary and uniquely developed New Bone. Surpassing traditional bone china attributes include:

  • Stronger than traditional bone ash with an incredibly high tolerance of temperature variance. 
  • Versatile across oven, microwave and dishwasher use –perfect for commercial kitchens! 

The unique Luzerne Zen patterns and textures perfectly frame dishes, adding excitement to the look, feel and appeal of the dining experience. 

Extra sensory dimensions are enhanced through eye-catching visual patterns such as Zen Storm and Grey Web...


or the tantalizing textural patterns of  Zen Swirl.  


Across Australia Luzerne Zen has been used many of our iconic restaurants, as well as exciting up-and-coming establishments. 

We are excited watch the Luzerne Zen range grow further in 2015 – so keep a close eye on our new product pages! 


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