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Why Choose Polysafe -Video

Polysafe Unbreakable Drinkware is the industries toughest plastic glass. Why?

Because we have advanced production techniques that are exclusive to our brand and a highly kept factory secret. Watch our video, which demonstrates the internal material stability of Polysafe drinkware compared to our closest competitor. The results are amazing!


In the demonsration we use an accelerant that speeds up the reaction poorly injected plastic has with thermal shock. This is what happens what plastic glasses go in and out of a dishwasher ... hot, clod, hot , cold.... anyway, watch the video, you'll get the jist.

Remeber, if it is cheaper, there is a reason for it. Polysafe is the only company in Australia to guarentee against cracking, and stress lines with a full 100% replacment guarentee.

The competition does not even stand a change.

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