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Trenton New Products

NEW PRODUCTS - 17th July 2015
Our team is committed to bringing you the best in cutlery, crockery, kitchenware, bar, counter and related table service items. All of our new brands and products highlight our ongoing efforts to provide the latest specialty products for the hotel, restaurant, cafe, aged care and catering industries. Here are some of the newest additions to the growing Trenton range
Add a rustic edge to your serving style with our Brooklyn Service Baskets from Moda, available in a variety of shapes & sizes. Add our grease proof paper inside the baskets to complement your dish and bring it to life.  
See the range here
Brooklyn Antique
Brooklyn Copper
Brooklyn Stainless
rease Proof Paper
The Luzerne New Bone Signature Marble features modern shapes exquisitely decorated with individual swirl patterns. The quality of Luzerne New Bone exhibits all the features of traditional bone china without the use of bone ash exhibiting unmatched strength
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Signature Marble

Stonecast is a stunning hand sponged color-wash which is then finished with a fine speckle and rustic edge in a rich golden brown. The nature of the process means that every piece will be slightly different, adding to the overall charm of the product.
See Here Spiced Orange
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