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La Tapa

On the banks of the Magdalena River in central Colombia, villagers from La Chamba continue an artisanal tradition that spans over 700 years.

Using the local mineral-rich clay, artisans produce ‘La Tapa’ cookware. Every piece of cookware is burnished by hand then fired on site.

Free of toxins, chemical glazes and lead clay, ‘La Tapa’ offers a comprehensive, fashionable, eco-friendly range of  cookware. These artisanal pieces can be used (after curing, see care instructions) on gas stove top, in the oven and microwave. If using ‘La Tapa’ on an electric stove top a heat diffuser is required.

Items within this range include griddle pans, roasters and baking dishes, fully complemented with a range of unique tapas dishes.