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Assorted Beer

Due to the increase of beer varietals to the market, there has emerged the need for speciality glassware for particular styles of beer. The shape and style of the glass influences the delivery of the beer to the palette as well as the development of the aromas and flavours that each style of beer contains.

Product Items
ItemItem No.Item DescriptionCapacityDiameterHeightTo SuitDescriptionAdd to Enquiry
Crown Glassware PilsnerCC140005Crown Glassware Pilsner200ml65mm130mmPDR5360-2
Crown Glassware PilsnerCC140006Crown Glassware Pilsner285ml75mm165mmPDR5250-3
Crown Glassware Tulip PintCC140179TNCrown Glassware Tulip Pint570ml80mm160mmPDR5250-2Tempered & Nucleated
Crown Glassware KellerCC140202Crown Glassware Keller285ml65mm145mmPDR5360-2
Crown Glassware Viva Tall PilsnerCC316315Crown Glassware Viva Tall Pilsner420ml70mm240mmPDR5360-4
Crown Glassware BrasserieCC340201Crown Glassware Brasserie425ml70mm190mmPDR5360-3
Crown Glassware KellerCC340204Crown Glassware Keller425ml80mm165mmPDR5250-3
Crown Glassware Playboy Beer MugCC400140Crown Glassware Playboy Beer Mug357ml78mm140mmPDR5250-1
Crown Glassware Nonic PintCC740210Crown Glassware Nonic Pint570ml86mm155mmPDR5250-2
Crown Glassware Casablanca CoolerCC752706ECrown Glassware Casablanca Cooler355ml80mm145mmPDR5250-2
Pasabahce Bira Beer MugCC755129Pasabahce Bira Beer Mug500ml129mm134mmPDR5090-2