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Assorted Pilsner Beer

Improve the presentation of your beer service with these wide range of pilsner beer glasses. Each glass has been designed to improve the taste of the beer through carefully constructed bowl shapes. Available in both beaded rims and fine rims.

Product Items
ItemItem No.Item DescriptionCapacityDiameterHeightTo SuitAdd to Enquiry
Ryner Glass Soul Pilsner0500124Ryner Glass Soul Pilsner380ml75mm194mmPDR5250-3
Ryner Glass Soul Tulip Beer0500148Ryner Glass Soul Tulip Beer380ml77mm170mmPDR5250-3
Ryner Glass Carnivale Pilsner0505124Ryner Glass Carnivale Pilsner360ml76mm181mmPDR5250-3
Ryner Glass Tempo Pilsner0550124Ryner Glass Tempo Pilsner395ml77mm182mmPDR5250-3
Pasabahce Primetime Beer PilsnerCC44793Pasabahce Primetime Beer Pilsner400ml78mm185mmPDR5250-3
Pasabahce Maldive Beer PilsnerCC44995Pasabahce Maldive Beer Pilsner370ml78mm166mmPDR5250-3
Luigi Bormioli Parma Beer PilsnerCC6610189Luigi Bormioli Parma Beer Pilsner460ml73mm215mmPDR5360-4
Luigi Bormioli Beer Collection PilsnerCC6610199Luigi Bormioli Beer Collection Pilsner370ml75mm183mmPDR5250-3
Crown Glassware Crysta III LagerCC744017Crown Glassware Crysta III Lager370ml68mm160mmPDR5360-2
Crown Glassware Crysta III Footed BeerCC744882Crown Glassware Crysta III Footed Beer355ml60mm180mmPDR5490-3
Pasabahce Primeur Beer PilsnerCC767006Pasabahce Primeur Beer Pilsner350ml75mm169mmPDR5250-3