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Athena Presentation Pieces

Add interest to your venues table with these unique presentation pieces. From single serving gourmet glasses through to storage jars with contrasting capacities for multi-purpose functionality.

Product Items
ItemItem No.Item DescriptionCapacityAdd to Enquiry
Zoie Gourmet Bottle74271Zoie Gourmet Bottle250ml
Zoie Gourmet Glass74281Zoie Gourmet Glass60ml
Zoie Gourmet Glass74282Zoie Gourmet Glass120ml
Daphnie Gourmet Glass74285Daphnie Gourmet Glass120ml
Zoie Gourmet Jar74291Zoie Gourmet Jar60ml
Zoie Gourmet Jar74292Zoie Gourmet Jar80ml
Zoie Gourmet Jar74293Zoie Gourmet Jar100ml