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Luigi Bormioli Lock-Eat Food Jars

These Lock-Eat food jars are designed for food presentation. They are suitable for baking in the bain-marie in a ventilated oven up to 70 C. Modern and innovative, these jars are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.

Product Items
ItemItem No.Item DescriptionCapacityDiameterHeightAdd to Enquiry
Food JarCC6411607Food Jar200ml85mm97mm
Food JarCC6411663Food Jar80ml85mm64mm
Food JarCC6411666Food Jar125ml85mm76mm
Food JarCC6411674Food Jar350ml85mm140mm
Food JarCC6412045Food Jar1000ml120mm170mm
Food JarCC6412075Food Jar750ml137mm120mm
Food JarCC6412076Food Jar500ml105mm120mm