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Luigi Bormioli Optima Bottles

These specific serving bottles are designed for an easy fill and pour process. The bottles assist to add value to the contents within by enhancing the perceived quality. Each wine bottle features a capacity marking for portion control.

Product Items
ItemItem No.Item DescriptionDescriptionCapacityDiameterHeightAdd to Enquiry
Optima BottleCC6510876Optima BottleWith 750ml Pour Line750ml80mm295mm
Optima BottleCC6510931Optima BottleWith 500ml Pour Line500ml71mm262mm
Optima Aqua BottleCC6510954Optima Aqua Bottle750ml80mm260mm
Optima BottleCC6510955Optima BottleWith 250ml Pour Line250ml60mm196mm
Optima Milk BottleCC6510957Optima Milk Bottle500ml85mm179mm
Optima Olive Oil BottleCC6511089Optima Olive Oil BottleWith Pourer250ml74mm143mm
Optima BottleCC6511202Optima BottleWith 1000ml Pour Line1000ml80mm318mm
Bottle StopperCC6511301Bottle Stopper59mm43mm
Optima Juice BottleCC6511319Optima Juice Bottle1000ml82mm270mm
Optima Vinegar BottleCC6511603Optima Vinegar BottleWith Pourer250ml74mm143mm