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Assorted Pour Line at 150ml

Improve the portion control within your venue with these stemware options each with their own pour line markings at 150ml. There is a stemware shape for all venue options from entry level through to fine dining.

Product Items
ItemItem No.Item DescriptionDescriptionCapacityDiameterHeightTo SuitAdd to Enquiry
Tempo Chianti0550132-PTempo ChiantiPour line at 150ml365ml79mm209mmPDR5250-4
Tempo Bordeaux0550135-PTempo BordeauxPour line at 150ml480ml86mm219mmPDR5250-4
Tempo Cabernet0578134-PTempo CabernetPour line at 150ml450ml85mm229mmPDR5250-4
CC6603058-PD.O.C. Wine TasterPour line at 150ml310ml73mm174mmPDR5360-3
CC6603128-PD.O.C. Wine TasterPour line at 150ml410ml60mm182mmPDR5490-3
Crysta III WineCC744011-PCrysta III WinePour line at 150ml260ml82mm160mmPDR5250-2
Royale WineCC744723Royale WineCertified at 150ml250ml62mm170mm
Atlas WineCC744799-PAtlas WinePour line at 150ml230ml65ml175mmPDR5360-3
Atlas WineCC744809-PAtlas WinePour line at 150ml310ml81mm196mmPDR5250-3
Maldive WineCC744992-PMaldive WinePour line at 150ml250ml73mm181mmPDR5360-3
Maldive WineCC744993-PMaldive WinePour line at 150ml310ml77mm192mmPDR5250-3
Primeur BurgundyCC767003-PPrimeur BurgundyPour line at 150ml340ml79mm198mmPDR5250-3
Reserva White WineCC767077-PReserva White WinePour line at 150ml350ml80mm204mmPDR5250-4
Reserva Red WineCC767078-PReserva Red WinePour line at 150ml470ml87mm221mmPDR5250-4