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Ryner Glass In Veritas

A comprehensive range for those who appreciate design, balance and delivery. A glass that is capable of a high work load yet elegantly graces any table setting. Made from European non-lead crystal that ensures optimum clarity and strength.

Product Items
ItemItem No.Item DescriptionCapacityDiameterHeightTo SuitDepthAdd to Enquiry
In Veritas Burgundy0580100In Veritas Burgundy700ml108mm224mmPDR5160-4
In Veritas White Wine0580103In Veritas White Wine340ml74mm210mmPDR5250-4
In Veritas Champagne Flute0580107In Veritas Champagne Flute180ml70mm229mmPDR5360-4
In Veritas Digestive0580123In Veritas Digestive125ml68mm182mmPDR5360-3
In Veritas Prosecco0580129In Veritas Prosecco215ml80mm244mmPDR5250-5
In Veritas Chianti0580132In Veritas Chianti370ml78mm222mmPDR5250-4
In Veritas Bordeaux0580135In Veritas Bordeaux620ml240mmPDR5160-496mm