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Pasabahce Timeless

Timeless is a classic collection that is fashionable and elegant, it never ages and adds a familiar sense of quality to the art of drinking. This eloquent pattern offers an appealing aesthetic that is suitable for all times.

Product Items
ItemItem No.Item DescriptionCapacityDiameterHeightTo SuitAdd to Enquiry
Timeless ShotCC752780Timeless Shot60ml49mm62mm
Timeless Double Old FashionedCC752790Timeless Double Old Fashioned355ml86mm96mmPDR5250-1
Timeless CocktailCC752800Timeless Cocktail450ml78mm161mmPDR5250-3
Timeless Old FashionedCC752810Timeless Old Fashioned210ml75mm83mmPDR5250-1
Timeless LongdrinkCC752820Timeless Longdrink300ml69mm143mmPDR5360-2