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Vidivi Diva 2.4.6

These tumblers feature a striking panel design that decorates the glass with a stylish motif whilst featuring a purpose stackable ledge for functionality within any venue.

Product Items
ItemItem No.Item DescriptionDescriptionCapacityDiameterHeightAdd to Enquiry
Diva 2.4.6 Old Fashioned0706024Diva 2.4.6 Old FashionedStackable240ml80mm84mm
Diva 2.4.6 Old Fashioned0706030Diva 2.4.6 Old FashionedStackable300ml87mm90mm
Diva 2.4.6 Double Old Fashioned0706037Diva 2.4.6 Double Old FashionedStackable370ml94mm95mm
Diva 2.4.6 Highball0706129Diva 2.4.6 HighballStackable290ml76mm130mm
Diva 2.4.6 Highball0706141Diva 2.4.6 HighballStackable410ml84mm140mm