Disposable Servingware

These chic plastic servingwares are sure to give you an edge over your catering and restaurant rivals. Bring a simple and sophisticated style to your canapes, side dishes or buffest displays that will immediately attract attention, Available in black, clear or red.



Item Img Item Number Description Height Diameter Capacity Colour Dimensions Add to Enquiry Cart
47020 Round Tennis Ball Dish 40mm 60mm 80ml Clear
47070 Paella Pan 20mm 110mm 135ml Black
47201-BK MINI CYLINDER-BLACK (50pcs / PACK) 75mm 40mm 75ml Black
47202-BK MINI CUBE-BLACK (50pcs / PACK) 65ml Black 40mm x 40mm x45mm
47203-BK MINI TAPERED DISH-BLACK (100pcs / PACK) 58ml Black 44mm x 44mm x 50mm
47204-BK MINI SQUARE DISH (100pcs / PACK) Black 70mm x 70mm x 15mm
47205-BK MINI BOWL (100pcs / PACK) 75ml Black D72mm x H30mm
47206-BK MINI STAR DISH (100pcs / PACK) Black 87mm x 77mm
47201-CL MINI CYLINDER-CLEAR (50pcs / PACK) 75mm 40mm 75ml Clear
47202-CL MINI CUBE-CLEAR (50pcs / PACK) 65ml Clear 40mm x 40mm x 45mm
47203-CL MINI TAPERED DISH (100pcs / PACK) 58ml Clear 44mm x 44mm x H50mm
47204-CL MINI SQUARE DISH (100pcs / PACK) Clear 70mm x 70mm x 15mm
47205-CL MINI BOWL (100pcs / PACK) 75ml Clear D72mm x H30mm
47206-CL MINI STAR DISH (100pcs / PACK) Clear 87mm x 77mm
47010 RECTANGULAR PLATE-LARGE (25pcs/PACK) 45ml 160 x 45 x 10mm
47009-C COVER TO SUIT 47009 0mL Cover to suit 47009
47009 RECTANGULAR PLATE-SMALL (25pcs/PACK) 30ml 80 x 55 x 16mm
47002 Mini Gratin Dish (25pcs/PACK) 22mm 84mm 28ml Clear
47003 Square Bell Shape Dish (25pcs/PACK) 50mm 57ml Clear 58x58mm
47006-C Cover to suit 47006 0mL Cover to suit 47006
47006 SQUARE DISH BULGED-57m 57ml 55mm x 55mm x 40mm
47011-C Cover to suit 47011 0mL Cover to suit 47011
47015 SQUARE BULGED DISH (25pcs/PACK) 580ml Clear 55 x 120 x 70mm
47015-C Cover to suit 47015 0mL Cover to suit 47015
47008 ROUND DISH (25pcs/PACK) 50ml 35 x 52 x 38mm
47013-C COVER TO SUIT 47013 0mL Cover to suit 47013
47012 ROUND TALL DISH (20pcs/PACK) 48ml Clear 35 x 75mm
47004 RECTANGULAR DISH (20pcs/PACK) 63ml 62mm x 40mm x 40mm
47007 TALL RECTANGULAR DISH (20pcs/PACK) 50ml 38mm x 38mm x 53mm
47001 Diamond Shape Dish (20pcs/PACK) 49mm 57ml Clear 42x42mm
47201-R MINI CYLINDER-RED (50pcs / PACK) 75mm 40mm 75ml Red
47202-R MINI CUBE-RED (50pcs / PACK) 65ml Red 40mm x 40mm x 45mm
47203-R MINI TAPERED DISH (100pcs / PACK) 58ml Red 44mm x 44mm x H50mm
47204-R MINI SQUARE DISH (100pcs / PACK) Red 70mm x 70mm x 15mm
47205-R MINI BOWL (100pcs / PACK) 75ml Red D72mm x H30mm
47206-R MINI STAR DISH (100pcs / PACK) Red 87mm x 77mm

We are excited to be always launching new products that are fantastic additions to our world class range. We are proud partners with Libbey Glassware, Fortessa Tableware, Dudson, Luzerne, Sango Hospitality and Lava Cast Iron. We are also constantly adding many new items to our current popular brands; Polysafe, Moda Porcelain, Zuma, Bevande, Moda by Trenton, Athena and Churchill.



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