The perfect crystal clear showcase for presenting any wine variety, the classic design of Libbey Embassy is further enhanced thanks to a chip-resistant rim and wide foot. This glass is stable to drink from and durable for long-lasting use. 



Item Img Item Number Description Height Diameter Capacity Add to Enquiry Cart
LB3783 Wine 178mm 70mm 259ml
LB3784 Wine 162mm 79mm 259ml
LB3765 Wine 162mm 70mm 251ml
LB3764 Wine 144mm 72mm 251ml
LB3766 Wine 159mm 67mm 192ml
LB3769 Wine 137mm 73mm 192ml
LB3721 Banquet Goblet 152mm 83mm 311ml
LB3712 Banquet Goblet 133mm 79mm 311ml
LB3773 Champagne Coupe 114mm 86mm 163ml
LB3777 Champagne Coupe 108mm 86mm 133ml
LB3795 Champagne Flute 206mm 70mm 177ml
LB3794 Champagne Flute 187mm 70mm 133ml
LB1512 Rocks 89mm 83mm 311ml
LB1514 Rocks 73mm 76mm 207ml
LB3779 Martini 165mm 111mm 274ml
LB3733 Martini 162mm 108mm 222ml
LB3771 Martini 132mm 96mm 148ml
LB3701 Martini 97mm 80mm 89ml
LB3801 Mini Sorbet 68mm 79mm 81ml
LB3730 Footed Glass 187mm 76mm 414ml
LB3728 Footed Glass 181mm 73mm 355ml
LB3725 Footed Glass 181mm 70mm 355ml
LB3727 Footed Glass 171mm 70mm 296ml
LB3709 Brandy 152mm 111mm 651ml
LB3708 Brandy 140mm 102mm 518ml
LB3705 Brandy 127mm 92mm 340ml
LB3704 Brandy 114mm 86mm 274ml

We are excited to be always launching new products that are fantastic additions to our world class range. We are proud partners with Libbey Glassware, Fortessa Tableware, Dudson, Luzerne, Sango Hospitality and Lava Cast Iron. We are also constantly adding many new items to our current popular brands; Polysafe, Moda Porcelain, Zuma, Bevande, Moda by Trenton, Athena and Churchill.



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