Classic tall design and sleek, attractive bowl give the Libbey Vina simplistic elegance for showcasing your premium wines. Boasting Libbey Finedge rim with minimum bead, this glassware manages to maintain its beauty while offering excellent chip resistance. 



Item Img Item Number Description Height Diameter Capacity Add to Enquiry Cart
LB7504 Tall Wine 232mm 92mm 547ml
LB7510 Tall Wine 229mm 89mm 473ml
LB7502 Tall Wine 206mm 86mm 355ml
LB7517 Tall Wine 210mm 76mm 303ml
LB7520 Wine 89mm 532ml
LB7522 Balloon Wine 203mm 98mm 532ml
LB7509 Balloon Wine 200mm 98mm 473ml
LB7503 Balloon Wine 194mm 92mm 399ml
LB7551 Grand Wine Taster 220mm 80mm 473ml
LB7508 Wine Taster 210mm 86mm 377ml
LB7519 Wine 206mm 79mm 355ml
LB7531 Wine 194mm 76mm 311ml
LB7516 Diamond Tall Wine 219mm 83mm 370ml
LB7500 Champagne Flute 235mm 83mm 237ml
LB7507 Martini 187mm 124mm 355ml
LB7518 Martini 184mm 117mm 296ml
LB7512 Martini 175mm 124mm 237ml
LB221 Stemless White Wine 114mm 89mm 503ml
LB222 Stemless Red Wine 100mm 97mm 495ml
LB217 Stemless White Wine 102mm 83mm 348ml
LB228 Stemless Champagne Flute 146mm 58mm 251ml
LB224 Stemless Martini 89mm 114mm 399ml

We are excited to be always launching new products that are fantastic additions to our world class range. We are proud partners with Libbey Glassware, Fortessa Tableware, Dudson, Luzerne, Sango Hospitality and Lava Cast Iron. We are also constantly adding many new items to our current popular brands; Polysafe, Moda Porcelain, Zuma, Bevande, Moda by Trenton, Athena and Churchill.



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