Pasabahce Timeless

Timeless is a classic collection that is fashionable and elegant, it never ages and adds a familiar sense of quality to the art of drinking. This eloquent pattern offers an appealing aesthetic that is suitable for all times.



Item Img Item Number Description HeightCapacityDiameterTo Suit Add to Enquiry Cart
CC440211 Timeless Dessert 103mm275ml98mmPDR5160-2
CC752800 Timeless Cocktail 161mm450ml78mmPDR5250-3
CC520205 Timeless Long Drink 153mm365ml72mmPDR5360-2
CC752820 Timeless Long Drink 143mm300ml69mmPDR5360-2
CC752790 Timeless Double Old Fashioned 96mm355ml86mmPDR5250-1
CC752810 Timeless Whisky 83mm210ml75mmPDR5250-1
CC752780 Timeless Shot 62mm60ml49mm
CC751718 Timeless Liqueur 90mm60ml46mmPDR5490-1
CC440236 Champagne Saucer 157mm270ml110mmPDR5160-2
CC530040 Timeless Bowl 54mm225ml90mmPDR5160
CC440176 Timeless Martini 172mm230ml116mmPDR5090-3
CC440366 Timeless Nick & Nora 156mm160ml83mmPDR5250-2
CC751648 Timeless Goblet 151mm320ml88mmPDR5250-2
CC440237 Timeless Cocktail / Gin 198mm550ml108mmPDR5160-3
CC752849 Timeless Mixing Glass 150mm725ml107mmPDR5160-2
CC755332 Timeless Jug 217mm1500ml192mm

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