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Polysafe Polycarbonate Drinkware

Polysafe Beer

With the weight and look of glass, our polycarbonate beer glasses are perfect for safely serving all styles of beer. Available in Conical, Nonic Pint, Ale Haus and Stein shapes.

Product Items
ItemItem No.Item DescriptionDescriptionCapacityDiameterHeightAdd to Enquiry
Conical Pint (PS-2)0300 057Conical Pint (PS-2)Certified & Nucleated570ml91mm156mm
Ale Haus Beer (PS-18)0302 031Ale Haus Beer (PS-18)Certified310ml71mm161mm
Ale Haus Beer (PS-47)0302 042Ale Haus Beer (PS-47)Certified425ml80mm172mm
Ale Haus Beer (PS-19)0302 050Ale Haus Beer (PS-19)Certified500ml83mm195mm
Stein (PS-30)0304 054Stein (PS-30)Certified540ml81mm150mm
Stein (PS-31)0304 112Stein (PS-31)Certified1120ml100mm185mm
Nonic Pint (PS-44)0331 054Nonic Pint (PS-44)Certified & Nucleated540ml87mm151mm