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Polysafe Polycarbonate Drinkware

Polysafe Jasper

The Jasper range is elegant, stackable and stylish without compromising on practicality. Designed with an pentagonal base and finished with a round rim makes this range a stunning option for cocktails or a new take on serving beer.

Product Items
ItemItem No.Item DescriptionDescriptionCapacityDiameterHeightAdd to Enquiry
Jasper Old Fashioned (PS-10)0320 027Jasper Old Fashioned (PS-10)Stackable270ml85mm85mm
Jasper Double Old Fashioned (PS-29)0320 037Jasper Double Old Fashioned (PS-29)Stackable375ml93mm97mm
Jasper Highball (PS-24)0321 028Jasper Highball (PS-24)Stackable, Certified & Nucleated285ml72mm135mm
Jasper Highball (PS-48)0321 035Jasper Highball (PS-48)Stackable, Certified & Nucleated355ml77mm137mm
Jasper Highball (PS-11)0321 042Jasper Highball (PS-11)Stackable, Certified & Nucleated425ml82mm145mm