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Polysafe Polycarbonate Drinkware

Polysafe Rocks

The Rocks range is a fundamental staple that suits any establishment. With an internal structure created during manufacturing, this feature makes service and storing easy with it’s stacking characteristics.

Product Items
ItemItem No.Item DescriptionDescriptionCapacityDiameterHeightColourAdd to Enquiry
Rocks Tumbler (PS-4)0315 024Rocks Tumbler (PS-4)Stackable240ml84mm90mmClear
Rocks Double Old Fashioned (PS-35)0315 035Rocks Double Old Fashioned (PS-35)Stackable350ml91mm100mmClear
Rocks Tumbler (PS-4AQU)0315 124Rocks Tumbler (PS-4AQU)Stackable240ml84mm90mmAqua
Rocks Tumbler (PS-4BLU)0315 224Rocks Tumbler (PS-4BLU)Stackable240ml84mm90mmBlue
Rocks Tumbler (PS-4GRE)0315 324Rocks Tumbler (PS-4GRE)Stackable240ml84mm90mmGreen
Rocks Tumbler (PS-4RED)0315 424Rocks Tumbler (PS-4RED)Stackable240ml84mm90mmRed
Rocks Tumbler (PS-4SMO)0315 524Rocks Tumbler (PS-4SMO)Stackable240ml84mm90mmSmoke
Rocks Tumbler (PS-4YEL)0315 624Rocks Tumbler (PS-4YEL)Stackable240ml84mm90mmYellow
Rocks Tumbler (PS-4PIN)0315 724Rocks Tumbler (PS-4PIN)Stackable240ml84mm90mmPink
Rocks Highball (PS-37)0316 030Rocks Highball (PS-37)Stackable300ml75mm115mmClear
Rocks Schmiddy (PS-5)0316 035Rocks Schmiddy (PS-5)Stackable, Certified & Nucleated350ml79mm145mmClear
Rock Shot (PS-36)0392 004Rock Shot (PS-36)Pour line at 30ml45ml49mm57mm