Polinorm® Covers

To suit Polypropylene Gastronorm Pans • Temperatures from -40°C to 110°C • Water tight with Polinorm lid • Microwave safe • Recommended for transporting food and liquid • Graduations marked externally • Reinforced rim


Item Img Item Number Size Colour Add to Enquiry Cart
PPG1100P1 1/1 Size Clear
PPG1100P2 1/1 Size Red
PPG1100P3 1/1 Size Blue
PPG1100P4 1/1 Size Yellow
PPG1100P5 1/1 Size Green
PPG1200P1 1/2 Size Clear
PPG1200P2 1/2 Size Red
PPG1200P3 1/2 Size Blue
PPG1200P4 1/2 Size Yellow
PPG1200P5 1/2 Size Green
PPG1300P1 1/3 Size Clear
PPG1300P2 1/3 Size Red
PPG1300P3 1/3 Size Blue
PPG1300P4 1/3 Size Yellow
PPG1300P5 1/3 Size Green
PPG1400P1 1/4 Size Clear
PPG1400P2 1/4 Size Red
PPG1400P3 1/4 Size Blue
PPG1400P4 1/4 Size Yellow
PPG1400P5 1/4 Size Green
PPG1600P1 1/6 Size Clear
PPG1600P2 1/6 Size Red
PPG1600P3 1/6 Size Blue
PPG1600P4 1/6 Size Yellow
PPG1600P5 1/6 Size Green
PPG1900P1 1/9 Size Clear
PPG1900P2 1/9 Size Red
PPG1900P3 1/9 Size Blue
PPG1900P4 1/9 Size Yellow
PPG1900P5 1/9 Size Green

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